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Posted on : Friday , 12th April 2019

Tanzania has become one of the most promising East African hydrocarbons markets on the back of large gas discoveries off the country’s eastern coast. In 2014 when operations were launched at two onshore gas fields, Tanzania began producing natural gas. At Songo Songo and Mnazi Bay. In 2018 Tanzania produced 870 mcm (30.7 bcf) of natural gas, According to Eni’s World Oil & Gas Review, all of which was consumed domestically. Discoveries made since 2010 of large offshore natural gas deposits, have pushed Tanzania’s gas reserves to more than 1.6 tcm (57 tcf) as of 2017. Been acquired by Shell, in collaboration with Statoil and Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) announced development plans based on deep offshore finds in 2014, BG since then. A USD 30-billion, two-train, 15-million-tpy onshore LNG export terminal in Tanzania’s Southern Lindi region is intended to be built by the consortium. After the final investment decision, expected in 2018 the development is expected to be completed by the early 2020s, after agreements between the government and investors are reached, .Shell, Statoil, ExxonMobil, Ophir Energy and the TPDC are Participants currently involved in the project. Tanzania’s first large onshore gas discovery with a 76.4 bcm (2.7 tcf) find in the country’s Ruvu Basin region In March 2018 was made by Dubai-headquartered Dodsal Group. Potential reserves are estimated around 107.6 bcm (3.8 tcf).


Ultimately, the discovery could represent between USD 8 billion-11 billion worth of natural gas.  In the midst of sluggish global economic growth and depressed commodity prices the country’s economy has suffered over the past few years. However, in order to generate new streams of revenues for the state and to boost economic growth the current government is pushing for the development of Tanzania’s yet untapped offshore gas reserves. To attract large IOCs to explore the country’s hydrocarbon reserves The Tanzanian government has favorable attitude towards foreign investment. For a comprehensive view of Tanzania’s market, see our business intelligence platform TOGYiN. Institutions and Companies active in Tanzania’s oil and gas industry, which provides access to all their coverage and content, including interviews with key players and industry leaders are TOGYiNs features. SGS offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimize your business, whether you are involved in exploring, extracting, refining, transporting or marketing oil, gas, oil sands or other hydrocarbons. It is vital that you get the most from every part of the production and add value to the chain – and optimize the efficiency of your own processes. Looking at the recent volatility and record-breaking prices for these resources. They offer a variety of services that can be used either independently or as packages to augment your existing processes in the support of upstream exploration. In applied mineralogy, shale gas and XRD analysis you can trust them to carry out advanced reservoir quality services.

All equipment that allocates measures or meters, extracted hydrocarbons is in optimal working condition and providing accurate information is essential all because the core is so valuable. Help can be provided by them for logging and calibration services, emissions measurements and metering consultancy services to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy.


All in support of upstream activities they offer well-testing services for reservoir and production fluids analysis, sample management and distribution and unconventional resource services, such as the analysis of coal bed, and methane.

For the downstream sector they offer support with distribution and retail, including leak detection, facility audits, calibration services, and maintenance.  To help you get your products to where they need to be, safely, securely and in compliance with national and international standards. They have a large global team of experts as the field of oil and gas logistics is so complex. They assist in the execution and design of blending, additive use and other optimization processes, onshore, offshore and in transit. Even though credit lines are so difficult to secure, you can be sure that their trade inspection services provide world class measurement and analytical services.

 With exceptional experience SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection, certification and Verification Company, a wide range of expertise and a global reach. Whatever your specific area of business, contact us today to find out how our range of services dedicated to oil, gas and oil sands could be delivering competitive advantage for you


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