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Oman Oil Marketing Company to expand its operations in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania

Posted on : Monday , 18th February 2019

In 2018, OOMCO came up with its first mega station in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The 40,000 square meter facility includes cafes, rest areas and five-star automated car washes.

Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) has declared a plan to extend its operations in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.

The company plans to have four fully operational service stations in Saudi Arabia this year, its second site in the kingdom is scheduled to open by April and two more in the second half of 2019.

With its aim to invest outside the sultanate, the company has focused on Tanzania’s fuel retail market as well as its shop, food and services market.

CEO of OOMCO, David Kalife, said, “In addition to growing our business worldwide, we planned to start our expansion in neighbouring countries as they have a related business and consumer behaviour model and to carry the sultanate’s name beyond its borders.”

“The service stations in Saudi Arabia will go beyond the needs of consumers. Our dedication is always to offer the best quality services and goods while dynamize customers’ journeys and creating a charming experience for them to be always their favoured destination,” he added.

“We are also investing in Tanzania cause of the country’s projected growth in a number of vehicles, positive macroeconomic forecast and political solidity as well. We believe that our strong retail offerings will plead to the desire of the growing prosperous consumer market and fulfill not only their needs but their wants,” he stated.

OOMCO’s 2025 plans include a shift to receive 40 per cent of the local market share, boost the distribution of lubricants, and extend its network of service stations over the sultanate and worldwide.

OOMCO focuses to be one of the top five fuel marketers in the GCC by 2025. It makes great efforts to modify the industry, both locally and internationally, by coming up with innovative products and services over all features of the business.

Source : newzmart
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